Wednesday, May 02, 2007


ok, not really, in the larger scheme of things, with all that's jacked about the world... but I think some of you will understand...

My running log won't open. I have an Excel doc with not only my running totals/stats for the last four months, but my newly-refined last-six-weeks-to-go day-by-day training plan for the tri in it. And it won't open. It shuts down Excel. It gives me that stupid "Notify Microsoft of this problem?" box, as if Bill Gates himself could help me. I've tried saving it as a different file. I've tried opening it from within Excel. I've tried enabling the macros. I've tried disabling the macros. ARGH! I opened it fine yesterday to track my 3 miler and my 30 minute swim, but today, nope.

There are runs to be tracked, people!! Mileage on shoes to be noted (until it hits that magical 400 mile mark where I can buy a new pair, and that was supposed to be this week, so I guess I can get them anyway). Pace to be calculated. How far around the earth I've run this year to be viewed. The freakin' weight log is in there!!!


2.7 miles of hill intervals with 5 minute cooldown. On the TM. Not that you care, but I have to write it down *somewhere*.


From Here to There said...

Oh that bites! I hope you can get your excel probs resolved. Have you tried opening in Excel viewer
Not the greatest, but you'd have something :(

Vickie said...

Good luck solving that problem. That's pretty much why I stick to paper because just about the time I get going on something on the computer, something comes along to screw up the plan and I'm back to square one. Wish I could help!