Saturday, May 26, 2007

As IF there were any questions about it!!

You Are 88% Texas

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. This ain't your first rodeo!

heh. I especially love the DQ vs. Arches question. And the burning your hand on the steering wheel.

Workout review:
Swam 850 yds on Thursday night. Took about 45 minutes. This does not bode well for the race -- by looking at last year's results, I will be in the bottom 10% of the swim leg with numbers like that. eh, no matter. The goal for Danskin is to finish, upright and smiling.

Yesterday, I did 12 miles in 35 minutes on the exercise bicycle at the gym (I know, it's nothing close to reality, esp. in Austin, but I did set it to level 9 of 20, and I did a "hill" workout if that counts for anything...), then hopped on the TM for a quick mile run. Jelly legs, jelly legs, good thing I was toast to go with. Sheesh.

Movie Review
Pirates is loud, long, and a crazy mishmash of action and nonsensical double-crossing. The boys loved it!! TDP DinoBoy sat in my lap for most of it and was glued to the screen the whole time. I was afraid after reading the reviews that it would be too confusing for him to follow, but he knew all the characters the moment they showed up on screen, and figured out exactly what was going on. It was a bit long, and I can see several points where you could just cut, snip, and dump in the editing room to make it a reasonable length, but it is what it is, and for that it was just fine.

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From Here to There said...

Haha, I'm only 12%. Guess that's not a surprise either!

Good job on the brick. Those first few steps are always the hardest, but it all comes together after a few minutes!