Sunday, April 29, 2007

8 miles

easy-peasy. I haven't run long in a while, certainly not since I got sick last week. and before then, with the travel, and wanting to maximize time home with the boys, I think it's been two or three weeks since I did anything longer than 5 miles. But today, i woke up early (ish, amazing how things change after sleeping in for a few months...) at hit the street by 6;30. I figured I could go for about 8 or 9 miles, depending on how hot it got toward the end. I set the garmin for intervals, so I could walk a bit after every mile. I'm figuring that's how I'll train for my marathon this fall, using Gallowalking, so I may as well do it now for the long runs. It helps break up the monotonoy of anything over an hour, too.

So, yeah, it was done, and I had mile splits under 10:00 for all but one mile. And that one had a loooong wait at a light. And my last mile clocked in at 9:22 -- wahoo!! so it was a good run. no problems, and it didn't even get really hard ever, so I was working, but not so much that I'm exhausted.

I'm figuring as we go into the summer and I start working on training plans for a fall marathon, along with at least two tris, that I need to dial the overall running mileage down some, but still maintain a good base for when 'thon training starts up full-force in July and August. So I'm thinking I did 8 today, and I'll work back up to 10-12 milers, and keep that as my Sunday long run distance until July. By then I'll know two things: 1) where I'll be working over the summer and 2) whether I got into the NYC lottery. And meanwhile, I'll run another two or three times during the week, for a total of about 20-25 miles weekly. And of course, keeping up with the cycling and the swimming.

Speaking of the cycling, I did a 9.5 miles on Friday (after I changed my tires to thinner Slickasaurus treads ALL by MYSELF!), in about 50 minutes, and then a shorter 6.5 -mile rider in about 35 minutes yesterday. I think I've gotten used to the higher seat position, and the smaller tread on the tires definitely helped me go faster. I actually saw mph readings of 15.X a few times out there, and that wasn't while I was coasting downhill, promise!! So that helps me think that I can actually do this.

I'm at the downtown hotel in Denver for one more week, with the itty-bitty pool, so I'll keep working on the stroke/breathing while tethered, but then next week i move to the Denver Tech Center area, and they have a heated outdoor pool and a real indoor pool. So I should be able to get more realistic work in that week. And Hub's new job offers him a discounted gym membership as part of the benefits package, so we'll be able to do a joint thing and get me into a pool on a regular basis during my "home" days.

So things are definitely coming together. For now, I have to tackle the laundry beast before an afternoon birthday party TDP DinoBoy is attending. And I fly out tonight (Wahhh!) so I want to get in some reading time with him and Elder Child this afternoon before I go, so I really should make sure they have clean clothes for the week before then.

Hope all are having a great day. I also want to give a shout out to my friend Shelly, who is doing her first organized charity ride today up in the Twin Cities. In the past year, she has gone (is going) through a divorce, quit smoking, and lost 60 pounds, and today she's out there riding 62 miles all on her own, the furthest she's ever gone on her own power. Go Shelly!! I can't wait to hear her ride report tomorrow!!


Juls said...

Good job getting back out there. The first few miles are the hardest. Good luck on NYC marathon lottery. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get in. I'm going to try next year to get in with my sister-in-law (who lives in NY).

From Here to There said...

You're on a definite upswing! Great job! It's so nice to read your enthusiasm. It's all going to come together for you when the races come.

Now I need to figure out how to set my garmin for intervals... I had no idea it did that!

Vickie said...

You're doing great on your workouts! And good luck to your friend too. She sounds like she is highly motivated.