Wednesday, May 23, 2007

yeah, yeah

I know, it's been a week almost. And while I'd love to say that I've been working out, just not posting, it's just not true. We had a long weekend trip Friday to Sunday that pretty much precluded any kind of workout, even a short run, and then I found out that my gym, which is supposed to be open at all hours, kind of like the it says in the name (ahem...), should really be called 17-Hour Fitness on Sundays. Yeah, so that sucked.

But I did go swimming Monday, and I meant to do something yesterday, but I'm home for a training class, so I've had to deal with traffic. And DFW traffic sucks. Yes, I knew that, and I dealt for 13 years, but being away from it for just a little bit made it that much more painful. Argh. In any case, I'm running right now, for about 3 miles. I may or may not take the Garmin -- I might be depressed at what it tells me. And tonight, I'll definitely hit the pool again for 800 yards. It's getting easier, and I'm able to turn around at the end of the length much more quickly now.

Oh, and yeah, Elder Child turned 12 over the weekend. That's been monumental around here, but not as monumental as his new cell phone. Ended up being the perfect present for him, and so far he hasn't abused it. There have been times this year I didn't think that kid was going to make it through the end of the week, much less to his birthday, so it's been a good week in that regard.

Gotta run. Literally. Peace out!

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From Here to There said...

You got some workouts in so don't beat yourself up!

Happy birthday Elder child :)