Sunday, May 13, 2007

no guilt

That was my gift for Mother's Day. I got a DVD set of the first season of House, too, along with some nifty peppermint foot lotions and a candle, but the biggest gift was to myself, and it was no guilt. No guilt about being gone from the boys and Hub for a two-hour run. No guilt about having donuts for breakfast and cheesecake for dessert. No guilt about having my kids' godmother in the house even though the place is a train wreck and there are crumbs under the kitchen table. No guilt about the dishes in the sink and the clothes in the dryer. No guilt about anything today. Just enjoying the day (and enjoying not having to go to the airport tonight or tomorrow).

I started off with a 10 mile run (OK, actually only 9.71, but with walking intervals at each mile, total distance covered was more than 10 miles; run time was 1:40:14, with walking segments, total time was 1:49:14) early this morning, before it got too beastly hot outside. Then we ate donuts and read the paper and watched a few episodes of my DVD before Elder Child and I went to church (Hub was feeling logy from his late hockey game last night and TDP DinoBoy had spent the night with his godmother). Then we came home and puttered some more before we met MIL and Hub's family for lunch. Back to MIL's house for dessert (one piece of cheesecake, so very good!), and then home to watch America's Funniest Home Videos and now Survivor.

It has been a good day. I'll deal with the floors and the dishes and the clothes tomorrow. Maybe.


Vickie said...

Great running! I can only wish! And glad you enjoyed your day. As you say, the stuff will be there later too.

From Here to There said...

Great run! Happy Mother's Day! (It's never too late right?).

Nice gift! I've never seen House, but I hear it's wonderful. Maybe this will be the summer I give up reality TV (well, except for Phil Keogan's new show) and catch up on some good TV!