Thursday, May 31, 2007


1,000 yards. total time in the pool, including breaks, was less than 50 minutes.

Warm-up of 50 yards, then timed 300 yards, with as few breaks as possible.

Swam another 250 yards, focusing on breathing, stroke, reach, etc.

Timed 300 yards, with as few breaks as possible, also practicing going under the lane markers.

Swam another 100 yards as a cool-down.

Total time needed for first timed 300 yds: 11:28. Total time needed for 2nd timed 300 yds: 10:34

The estimated time I put down on my entry form for the Grapevine tri on Saturday? 10:30. Close enough.

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From Here to There said...

OMG look at you! Just a few short months ago you were learning to swim, and now you're putting in 1k in the pool! 1k is FAR!

You are a goddess!