Saturday, May 26, 2007

900 yards

yep, we did it. 900 yards today. "We" as in me and my swimming buddy here:

We went down the new club in the town just south of us, and I signed him up for a free one-month guest pass, so he can come swimming with me whenever. We can bring the little one to the Kids' Club most times of the day, so that should work out fine.

Today, we focused on practicing better form, rather than trying to beat each other to the end of the pool. It was tough, since we left one pair of goggles behind and ended up having to share the one pair between us. I discovered that without the goggles, I ended up zigzagging around the lane, hitting one lane marker then the other. Pretty comical to watch, I'm sure. The good news is that I'm not completely winded at the end of each length like I had been, and the breathing/stroke mechanics are starting to feel more natural and less like a struggle.

I never did make it out to Masters class last week or the week before -- software training ended up taking too much out of me and I couldn't make the schedule work. But it's still part of the plan long-term to take advantage of that resource. Just isn't going to happen before this first race, and that's OK.

I did time myself for the last lap of the day today, just to see where I stand. Two weeks ago, it took me 1:40 to get across the pool and back. Today, it took me 1:24 to do the same distance. Wahoo! Progress is a beautiful thing!

Good luck to everyone racing this week. Me, I plan on either a 10-mile run tomorrow, or maybe an hour-long bicycle ride (outside!! eeep!!!) followed by a little 3-mile run. Depends on how early I wake up, how I feel in the morning, what time Hub wants to go to church and what the weather is like. I'm a complicated gal, what can I say???

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