Thursday, May 31, 2007

Need new shoes, and a vote, please

argh. I always miscalculate the new shoe thing. I was on pace for a new pair at the beginning of May, had I not ground the 5X week running thing to a halt. But since I so drastically cut back my running mileage in lieu of that swimming/cycling thing (OK, mostly the swimming, because I can ride a bike well enough to survive, whereas the swimming survival was in question up until a few weeks ago!!), I've only put in about 12-15 miles a week on my feet, if that. So I forgot about the shoes needing to be replaced. But they do. So the question is do I get them now, 9 days out? or tough it out and get them afterward? And if I get them now, will they be broken in enough to run 5K in next Sunday? ah, questions, questions.

Antoher thing is taking up a lot of brainspace this week -- I'm not sure which direction to go with it, though -- so I'm a little torn. Here's the deal. While I was searching for a follow-up tri to put on the schedule after Danskin, I found a little race about 20 miles from home that sounds intriguing. But it's for this weekend. As in day after tomorrow.

  • its' a 300-yd pool swim. Easy-peasy. A nice way to test the waters, so to speak...
  • it's close by. I can drive up and be done by 11:00 am.
  • it's small, which means I'm sure there will be encouraging crowds like there were for Elder Child's race last year
  • it's a 300-yd pool swim. Yeah, I like the sound of that
  • I have the last brick workout of the plan scheduled for Saturday morning anyway...
  • it's small. Almost *guarantees* that I'll pull up the rear. Not that there's anything wrong with that, and it would certainly give me room for improvement, but how ego-shattering would that be for the first go-round?
  • I have no idea what the bike/run course is like from the map. But I know it can be hilly in that area of town, which scares me
  • it's like cheating on Danskin. Like getting all ready for the prom, buying the dress, shoes, getting the hairstyle just right, but then ditching the boyfriend and going to the movies with the new neighbor.
  • $60 entry fee. Sheesh, that's steep for two hours (of course, I'll likely drag it out longer than two hours, just to get my money's worth!)
I really want Danskin to be special, and I guess it will be, since it's larger, scarier and open-water. And it's a big weekend trip, too, so that will make it more of an event. I could just consider Grapevine a training run, right? Or maybe I should just hold out for another week?

Hub is no help -- he said to do it if I want and don't if I don't. What a great supportive guy, right? No, he's been great so far, really, he just doesn't "get" it, being a non-runner kind of guy.

So, I bring it to you, wise internets: Should I do this? I think I know which way I'm leaning, and ultimately, if I get to signups tomorrow and it's full then that gives me a definite answer, but I would *really* like your feedback. Thanks!

Oh, and the Elder Child and I did 45 minutes on the exercise bikes last night (I did 18 miles of hills!! and he did 8) followed by 20 minutes on the TM. I keep thinking he's just coming along to keep me company on these workouts because he likes being in the grown-up gym, but really, I think he's prepping himself for a comeback attempt on the tri course that kicked his butt last year. He's awesome!

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Vickie said...

Get them now and put some miles on them. I would think 9 days would be enough, provided they fit well in the first place. I can usually wear a new pair of shoes almost instantly and they don't bother me, but probably because I wait too long for new ones that they couldn't feel worse!