Tuesday, May 08, 2007


There is not enough time on the road. Certainly not anywhere close to enough time at home. Wayyy too much time at the airport.

When there is time, there is too little energy. And I've come to the very scary but not all that startling realization that swimming is a hella harder for me than running. and I'm not even that good at the running, folks. But my time to improve in the water (i.e. not drown) is slowly ticking away. Less than 5 weeks now. There is progress, but is it enough?

I will get through this. I will do what I have to get done. I have to. Through sheer force of will. Just like I have every other time I've been up against something that I'm not good at. Like that marathon thing. And that parenting thing.

Forward motion. One foot in front of the other. Keep pushing. all that schtuff. Got it.

that is all. Off to the TM downstairs in the hotel gym; we're in a different location this week and the paths are not so good for running here.

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Vickie said...

I'm sure you will accomplish the triathlon goal. It might not be easy, but you sound so determined. And you are doing great on your running. Swimming doesn't always come naturally or easy to everyone, but as long as you don't panic, you will do okay. If nothing more, you will be so thankful to be out of the water you won't even think about it again until you're done.