Friday, April 20, 2007

The end of the April Challenge

The alternate title for this post was going to be "'roided out" but... anyhoo, my self-imposed April run-everyday challenge is going to be at least one day short this time around, for a couple of reasons:

my friend who was going to attempt her first half-mary at the end of this month hasn't been upping her mileage, so she's not ready to race. My only reason for doing this race (that I hadn't signed up for yet..) was to pace her, so if she's out, there's not a lot of motivation for me to keep up the high mileage
this allergy thing has turned into an ear infection and yucky cough. As in I get dry hacking coughing fits for no reason at all. The doctor (who was nice enough to fit me in this morning before I leave for Denver again next Monday) prescribed antibiotics, an inhaler, prescription-strength Benadryl and a corticosteroid shot in my a$s to control my allergies. I feel like I have the energy to run today, if I really wanted to, but I don't think it's wise
I need to spend more time on the bike and in the pool, so the focus on the running needs to be toned down. If I'm only going to get one workout in on a given day, I tend to go with the running, and that alone is not going to get me through the tri
I'm going to see Blades of Glory tonight, and by the time we get done, it'll be time to snuggle on the couch with Season Two of The Office. So between the morning at the doctor, hockey practice with Hub and picking up the boys, there is no time for a run today.

And that's OK.

The good news from the doctor's visit:
I don't need my BP meds for now. BP is manageable without it (and has been for about four months); changing jobs I'm sure contributed to that!
I'm down another couple of pounds, for a total loss of 10 pounds since the end of February. I'm now only 24 pounds from my goal weight, and only 5 pounds from last fall's best weight. And I've not been really trying to do anything different. Just working out everyday and making logical choices about what I eat.

So, gotta go, but not gotta run! Peace out!


Vickie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, although it sounds like with the BP and weight loss you're doing okay otherwise! Your running seems to be doing great, so maybe it is time to concentrate on the other things you will need for your upcoming tri.

Ellie said...

Well, things change, you know? And it looks like for you it's changing in the right direction! Nice going!

From Here to There said...

Oh I'm so sorry you were so sick!

But HUGE congrats on the weight loss and the BP results! OUTSTANDING!