Friday, April 13, 2007

From Sunday night's baseball game

Freezing!, originally uploaded by ccervant_99.

We went to the Red Sox-Rangers game on Easter Sunday. It was 48 degrees at game time and got colder as we sat there on the 1st base line. TDP always gets a snow-cone at the games -- but we usually go in August, when it's still 90 degrees at 8:00 PM. So he insisted on one that night, even though the rest of us were chugging hot chocolate and wearing sweatshirts, coats and gloves.

The snow-cone girl told Hub they were the 2nd customers that night. 35,000 people at the game and only two bought snow-cones. Imagine. He ate the whole thing and shivered violently for half an hour afterward!! Spaz.

There's a whole lot of new photos up on Flickr, too, if you want to clicky on the photo and flip through. You can see my roses explosion in there somewhere, too. So, the cold here in DFW didn't bother them at all!

Today, we have thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes in the forecast. Which means no bikey-ride for me. But which is also better (I guess) than the snow they expected in Denver. We did get a little flurry yesterday afternoon before I left for the airport. Freakiest thing ever for me, I tell you what. I was out and about at lunch and half an hour later I couldn't see across the street for all the snow coming down. Kee-ray-zee. Now I know I couldn't live anywhere where it snows on a regular basis. Can't handle it.

Gotta go. I *thought* the carpet guys were coming to shampoo the carpets, but that may be next Friday. I don't know anymore. I do have to make dessert for dinner club tonight, though, so I should get cracking. And sometime today I've gotta pound out a 5-miler or so. So I should eat breakfast or something. Later!

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From Here to There said...

So darn cute!

I'm very much like your son! On the hottest days I CRAVE soup. Must have burn your mouth hot soup. I sit there dripping sweat when I eat it. :D

Smart boy you have there!