Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is it wrong?

that I'm getting homesick from watching Dallas SWAT on A&E on the hotel TV? Not so much that I miss the scary crime-ridden neighborhoods they go into, but the panoramic shots of downtown Dallas and the Texas sunrises and sunsets they use as transitions are making me miss being at home.

Also, I'm getting one of these to bring to the hotel with me. The "pool" here is only 30 feet or so long, and just a bit more than 5 1/2 feet wide. How do I know? because when I was in there tonight (YES! she went "swimming" today!) I could put my feet on the side wall and reach the other side wall with my arms not even completely outstretched. Sheesh. But if I get one of these things, I should be able to practice my stroke and breathing at least three times a week in Denver (where I'll be for the next four weeks, at least) and twice a week at home when I get my pool membership there straightened out. Not ideal, I'm sure, but I need something and this way I figure I can focus on my form and my breathing and just put the time in. Instead of avoiding it like I've been doing for the last four weeks....

I'm outta here tomorrow afternoon, so as long as DFW weather doesn't go crazy-go-nuts again I should be in my bed at home by this time manana. Gotta get to bed if I'm going to get my 3 and change in first thing before I check out and head to the office. Peace out!


Vickie said...

I think those personal swim trainers are better than nothing. I talked to someone once who only had that to rely on for training for an IM swim.

From Here to There said...

Brilliant invention. I would feel very comfortable with one of those I think, and if we ever get a pool, it's what I plan to get.

Great job getting in the pool! Woot!