Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday morning run

it's still below freezing here in the mornings, which is just too cold for this southern gal, so I had to do the treadmill again. phoo. I ended up with just two plodding miles, but it should be about 48-50 degrees and clear this afternoon when I wrap up at the office, so I think I'll hit the trails for a bit before dinner and the last hunker-down work session of the night. I need an outdoor run in a big bad way.

I also apparently won't be swimming tonight per plan since the "pool" and spa are drained for cleaning. Phoo. So I may as well capitalize on it and get some fresh air.

That is all I have time for tonight. Weekdays are tough -- as nice as it was to spend Sunday night at home, squeezing in 40 hours of work into 4 days when the first day doesn't start until noon is tough. I've been exhausted the last two days, barely able to stay awake and wrap up the day's work here in the room. I need to be sure I don't flame out too soon.

Anyhoo, time to go find some breakfast -- I think today's menu includes a cup of crispy raisin bran cereal, a cup of fruit and yogurt from the 7-11. Later!

Updated: I did two miles after work in glorious sunshine and a light breeze. It was just what the doctor ordered. I feel energetic and revitalized. Ready to take on the next 24 hours, knowing that by this time tomorrow, I'll be home! Peace out -- time for the webcam update with the boys.

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Ellie said...

Bummer... freezing temps (is it going to kill your roses?), empty pool, crowded work week.... kudos for doing the dreadmill and still planning an afternoon run!