Wednesday, April 04, 2007

gotta run, gotta run!!

On the TM Monday at home because it was too HOT by the time I got around to it. On the TM here at the hotel today because it was 32 freakin' degrees outside at 5:00 am. Oy, I'm dying here with the drastic changes. On the flip side, my winter running wear will get much more use with me here in Denver through May!

Still haven't gotten into the pool. It is my goal for the week, though, to get in there twice this week. Even if I do nothing but splash around, it will be progress. tick tock.

I've decided to self-impose another "run every day" month for April. I missed only about five days in March, maybe less, but I definitely feel better when I run every day. So here we go.

Gotta run so I can clean up and meet the team downstairs for the chilly walk to the office. Later!


IM Able said...

More power to ya for running every day! My knees would never take that. Nor would my lazy arse. Actually, it would be my lazy arse that would complain first and loudest.

Run, sista, run!

Shelley said...

Run everyday...good luck!!! Sounds like fun!!

Vickie said...

I would LIKE to try a run every day if it would actually GET WARM HERE WITH NO SNOW OR ICE! You hear me?? No complaining now!