Monday, February 26, 2007

today is the first day...

of the rest of my life... isn't that how it goes.

Lessee -- got the boys sent off to school, met the Elder Child for lunch (actually, he just wanted me to join him at the book fair to buy a monster/mythical creatures book for him), and delivered clothes and lunch supplies to Grandma's house for both of them for tomorrow and Wednesday. Oh, did I leave out that on the day of my very first trip that Hub had to go out of town too?? Yep, because turning my life upside down wasn't enough -- we had to start this adventure with a bang and make it as complicated as possible! But, like I said, the support system is in place, and it's being tested for sure on its maiden voyage. Hub gets back into town tomorrow night, but it will be way past when the boys should be in bed, so we're just having them stay over that night too.

I set up the webcam on this side, and set the boy up w/an email and Yahoo ID so we can see each other. I set all the security/privacy options as high as possible, so that I'm the only one they can see. I'm excited to get my PC and hook up my end of it, but that will have to wait until tomorrow night.

I still need to pack, but I did stop and get all my toiletries and such in the acceptable sizes, along with my see-through zippy bags so security can paw through everything. It's supposed to be cold in VA, so I'm having to decide what to wear that looks professional and yet keeps me warm. Not much to choose from, unfortunately. And while I get a lump sum payment from my old job for all my accrued unused vacation time that I was going to partly use for a new wardrobe, that won't arrive until the end of March (!!!), so no chance to get anything yet. What I have in the closet will have to do for now.

Oh, and before I go... I'm now 26 for 26 with the running. I did a quick 2 miles last night around the block, and then today I hopped on the TM for another 2 miles while I watched the wenches on the View talk about the Oscars and give Angela Lansbury a complex. Fascinating, that show. Anyhoo, I should go find the other suitcase now and attempt to pack -- I've got to head to the airport in another couple of hours. toodles.

***NOTE**** Still FREAKING out about the tri entry, BTW. Eeeep!

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Diane said...

I can't wait to hear about the first day! I was thinking about you all day long!