Friday, February 23, 2007

Big Sigh

of relief. I am done with the old job. It wasn't as hard to walk out this afternoon as I thought. I left on very good terms and I'm certain that I'll keep the relationship with my friends from that part of my life moving forward. Even though the last 18 months or so there haven't been what I would have hoped for, doesn't everything we go through shape us and meld us into what we are? Whether we know it at the time, even if we recognize it and choose to overlook it, all the experiences in our lives help build us into our current state of mind and state of being. And for that, we have to be grateful.

And I am. Especially for never having to drive into the morning AND afternoon sun on my daily commute!

ORN -- 2.5 easy, slow miles on the TM. It's misty and blicky outside, and there are supposed to be some wicked storms moving through the area overnight. I hope they clear up before race time. Gun goes off at 7:30, and if all goes well, I'll be crossing the half-marathon finish line and collecting me some new bling by 9:45. Cheers!

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