Sunday, February 18, 2007

i might owe you four...

or I might get it done later tonight, after I put the boys down. I had to cut this morning's scheduled 12-miler short because Hub and Elder Child got tickets for the hockey game, so they had to leave by noonish. Which meant that I only had about an hour and a half to run outside after Hub got back from church, before I had to be back to hang out with TDP DinoBoy. I got 8 good miles done in 1:24 or so, but I just didn't have it in me to get on the TM at that point in time. I was hot and just kinda wiped out.

After a long bath, lunch and a nap, I started sorting through laundry (again with the laundry -- oy!) and then got to feeling sneezy. And my nose was drippy, and my face was hot. Not sunburned hot, just warm, mostly on the cheeks, and suddenly the room was just a bit too warm. Phoo. I took a claritin a while ago, and I think it's working, at least I hope it's working. I just can't be sick this week. Of course, it's better to be sick this week than next week, when I start the new job. So all this is to say that I may or may not pick up the 4 miles left on today's schedule later tonight. I might hop on the TM and see how it goes. I might just turn in early. Depends on how I feel -- I certainly don't want to put next Saturday's half in jeopardy, but it kills me to not have reached full mileage for this week. I shall see.

In any case, I've at least done today's run, bringing me to 18 for 18. woo-eee.

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From Here to There said...

Oh I hope you feel better, C! 8 is better than 12, and if your half is this weekend, don't worry about it, as they say, the hay is in the barn!