Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday run

Um, hi, Autumn? It's me, Skatemom. Where the hell are you?! It's still freakin' hot here. Yes, I know it's Texas, and that's what I signed up for, but still. I shouldn't lose two pounds of water weight on a 4-mile run. I shouldn't still be sweating twenty minutes after my shower. My kid shouldn't have to wear shorts and t-shirt just so he doesn't die of heat frustration picking a pumpkin on his field trip in mid-October. bleagh.

So, yeah, I did four miles this morning. Not speedy, but not dreadfully slow. Splits were negative and are here:

Mile 1 -- 10:43
Mile 2 -- 10:23
Mile 3 -- 10:25
Mile 4 -- 10:24

So it was a good run, even though I was all knotted up, and still kind of am. I'm hoping the weather breaks before next Sunday, or I'm going to be very mad. And hot. bleagh.

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Janet said...

Forget my email. I saw your new blog address on the most recent comment, but your comment from a few days had the old one:(

I can't believe how nice it is and it's October.