Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fair day

State_Fair 031
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The fair is so cheesey, and loud, and crowded, and overpriced, and chaotic.

It was greatness.

We didn't stay for the game, but were still there for about four hours total. When we got home, I watched the first quarter and then retreated to my room for a 2 hour nap while the boys watched the rest of the spectacle that is the Red River Shootout. I woke up in time for the 4th quarter. Greatness.

I'm about to map my 20-mile route for tomorrow morning. Then off to bed. Water bottles are filled and in the fridge. Garmin is charged, iPod should hold out for another two hours if I'm lucky. Stopped off at Run On! and picked up another monster-sized stick of BodyGlide, so we should hopefully be chafe-free.


and Hook 'em!

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nancytoby said...

I love fairs, cheesiness and all. There's something quintessentially American about them!! Fun times!