Sunday, October 08, 2006


I hit the stop button on the Garmin around the corner from the house, when it read 19.75 miles total time. I feel like I *could* have finished out the last .25, but I wanted to walk it out at the end and cool down properly, and that wouldn't have happened if I'd finished up right by the front door. So, there. I'll have splits and all in a bit -- right now a nice freezing ice bath awaits. The boys have been enjoying walking into the bathroom and dipping their hands into it and screeching, "Eeek! that's cold!" Thanks, guys!

I'd been dreaming of pancakes with syrup on them right about mile 12ish, but when I walked in the door, I found a plate of scrambled eggs and three buttermilk biscuits waiting for me. Hub is so awesome most times! So that was breakfast. I'll probably have a slim-fast protein when I get done with the ice bath to help with recovery. Then later today is the kids' school carnival, and they always have great food there, so that will be lunch. I'll have splits later.

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