Friday, October 06, 2006

it's Friday!

yee-haw! and, of course, we're going to the State Fair tomorrow. No tix for the big Tx-OU game, unfortunately -- they were all over eBay, but at $200 a pop, it's not worth it. But we will still head out for the atmosphere and the craziness, and so Elder Child can wear his Longhorn jersey and yell at some Okies. :)

what else? Things are looking better today than in my earlier posts. No particular reason, but maybe just that it's Friday.

I ran 5 miles this morning. Nothing particularly remarkable about it, though. A bit cooler than Wednesday, and took a while longer to get in the groove, but it got done. Total time was 53:00. I will try to squeeze in 2 tomorrow before we pick up the boys from Grandma's and head "into town" for the fair, but if not, no worries -- we always do more than enough walking at the fair. Prolly not enough to balance out the corny dog, monster cinnamon roll and saltwater taffy, but the fair is a once-a-year thing, and I've missed the last two years!

I'm taking the camera, and soon enough I'll post photos from Seaworld on Flickr, along with photos of the finished office and of course from tomorrow's burnt-orange fun.

Peace out and Go Horns Go!

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