Monday, October 16, 2006

And so it begins!

I had the "I'm lost on the course" dream last night.

I was somewhere between miles 7 and 8, and when I scanned my card at the mile marker (wha??), the readout on the monitor said that I'd skipped mile 7, so I had to go back. Then after I'd done that, I couldn't ever get back to the right place to pick up the rest of the course. And my friend from high school (who, by the way, I did NOT have a crush on, nor did I ever consider him anything but a buddy, and who I haven't even thought about since high school - sorry Carl, but it's true! - so I'm not sure why he of all people showed up last night) was trying to catch me to give me my iPod, which was not really my Shuffle, but a Nano instead, like what I want but don't have yet. And then I got very sad and sat on the curb and cried because I was on pace to beat 5:00 (only 7 miles in, but still!) but now I was lost, and without my iPod, and the Nano was cool and all, but it had nothing good on it, just a bunch of current radio hits that I've never heard of.

And then I woke up, because the barometer is crazy with the weather we're having and my knees were both achy, also because I'd done hills on the treadmill yesterday morning. So, now I know for sure that I'm losing my mind, but not really, it's just taperitis, because I've had it before, so I recognize it completely. I knew it the minute I woke myself up from my dream. But that didn't make it any less disturbing. Nor did it make it any easier to get back to sleep. And I've only got a limited number of sleeps before October 29, not to mention I"ll be a year older by then. Argh.

No running today. I did do six miles of hills on the TM while watching Snoopy videos with Dread Pirate DinoBoy while Elder Child and Hub were tailgating in the rain at the Cowboy game yesterday. They were six very SLOW miles of hills, but hills nonethless, and it was a sight more than I'd really felt like doing.

This week calls for 4-6-3, then 3 on Saturday. I'm hoping that the weather cooperates; last week was a crazy mix of too hot, too cold, and too rainy. We shall see.

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