Saturday, October 14, 2006


woke up late. went grocery shopping with the Hub -- we blew threw Neighborhood Wal-Mart in about 25 minutes and picked up $100+ worth of stuff. the fridge and pantry are now stocked, so there's no excuse to go out to eat or pick up stuff on the way home. dangit.

then I went running. 6.29 miles -- it was a bit longer than I expected because I couldn't cross the street where I wanted. It was raining and cold. I had just sat down to a great breakfast taco left for me by Hub when he called from Grandma's to tell me The Dread Pirate DinoBoy was waiting for me to pick him up for skating. Gah! I hadn't showered yet, and honestly didn't have it in my plans for today to hit the rink. But, he's not been interested in skating for about 4-5 weeks now, so I guess if he's ready, we take him up on it. So we just now got home, and now I'm ready for a hot bath. It's still yucky out, and it would be nice to just hang out at home all the rest of the day. I think TDP DinoBoy and I have enough food and DVDs to last us a while.


Diane Kucera said...

Happy to hear he's taken an interest in skating - that's great! Not a drop of rain in my neck of the woods - not a cloud in the sky. Amazing what a few miles can do!

We're about to hit the "neighborhood" target in hopes of filling an empty pantry and fridge.

Ellie said...

Naturally his interest in skating revived on a rainy day...