Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's on the Tube Tuesday

Since we are in the doldrums of the baseball off-season, I'm finding myself with all kinds of free time these days. I've been able to run in the evenings, which is good, since I've got a few races on my schedule. I could spend time doing useful things like cleaning out my closet, or organizing my Christmas card list, or learning to knit... But instead, I've been catching up on my DVR, and adding a few things here and there to fill out my couch time.

Following are the latest things we've been watching this off-season:

The Walking Dead - because Daryl Dixon, y'all.

Sleepy Hollow - Revolutionary history, plus supernatural, plus this guy? I'm SO in.

Hello, scruffy 18th century guy with an accent! How YOU doin'?
Comic Book Men - a bunch of nerds sitting around talking about comics, superheroes and other random geeky stuff. My people.

Castle - Still have a few Season 5 episodes to watch, but how can I pass up Captain Tightpants when he's so "ruggedly handsome"?  And the best bromance on TV in Espo & Ryan?  I can't, that's how.

Parenthood - simultaneously the most uplifting and yet depressing family show on TV. I think it's impossible for all the Bravermans to be happy at the same time, and yet hope springs eternal.

Almost Human - we got inundated with the promos while we were binge-watching Sleepy Hollow, so we had to watch the premiere.  Only two episodes so far, but looks promising. Plus, HELLO, Karl Urban!

Top Chef - yummy!  and with it being set in New Orleans this season, it gives us a chance to relive our summer vacation every week.

American Horror Story - we missed last season, but this is another series that is set in New Orleans, so we had to get drawn in.  I've missed a couple of episodes, so I'm behind, and it is a bit gory, over-the-top and, well, weird, so it may drop off soon, but it's a juicy guilty pleasure so far.

We never have gotten into a couple of other shows that are regarded as "must-sees" like Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, or the Good Wife. But, there are a lot of empty nights to be filled before Opening Day, so what's on your DVR that you think is must-watch TV? Any other shows we should catch on Netflix/Hulu?  Help a bored baseball fan out!

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Diane said...

Big Bang Theory, sistah!!!!