Monday, November 04, 2013

College Life

Being a parent of a college kid is rough, y'all. We've barely moved him in for freshman year and he's already looking at apartments for next year. So not ready for this. 

Now we are having to have discussions about monthly allowances and the real cost of living and living on $6 a day and "oh, you think you're getting the car, too?!"  Have to think about roommates and parking and furniture and 9-month or 12-month leases. Too many things to consider. And too many horror stories of my own of roommates gone bad, but isn't this what college is all about? 

And wasn't he just a little kid in a box painted to be a robot on Halloween? Wasn't that just yesterday? 

(And okay, yes, this post might have been an excuse to use this photo, because have you ever seen anything so funny? I didn't think so!) 

So, when did you live on your own for the first time? What was your favorite first apartment memory? 

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