Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Traditions Tuesday: Stair Photos

Another of our favorite traditions around here is our annual Stair Photos. Every year at Christmas, I force the boys & my husband to pose uncomfortably for group shots on the stairs at my in-laws house before we start any kind of holiday festivities. 

My mother-in-law used to get the boys matching outfits for this day (which, as you can imagine, they just LOVED!!) and I make them wear these outfits and smile before they do anything else. 

Want to have hot cocoa & cookies? Not until after pictures! Want to go play your video game? Not until after pictures!! Want to change clothes & be comfy so you can watch Christmas Vacation? Not until after pictures!!! Get the idea? Yeah, they pretend to hate it, but we always end up with some great shots. 

The year my mother-in-law passed away, we kind of boycotted Christmas. It was always a big deal for her and it just didn't seem right to do a big celebration that year. We instead checked into the Gaylord for a great dinner & night of distraction at the hotel. And after we ordered dinner, between the appetizers & the main course, the four of us snuck away from the table & found a staircase. 

And I know years from now they will look back on these photos and smile. And maybe one year, when they have little ones of their own, they will hold up all the festivities until after they get their Stair Photos! 

What is your family's favorite Christnas tradition?

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