Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sense & Sensibilty

I had miles to run tonight. It is without a doubt the coldest night of the year so far. I didn't go as soon as I got home from work, choosing instead to have yummy turkey meatloaf & risotto, then snuggle with my sweet baboo for just a bit before we retrieved the Nerdlet from theatre class. By the time i got back from that, I was out of excuses. I had to do this. I grumbled & whined. But I went. 

And it was glorious. 

I saw: clear black skies, with a fat waxing moon and pinpoint stars up high. 
I heard: the sounds of my breathing, and my footfalls on fallen leaves, interrupted only by the beeps of my HR monitor keeping me to my prescribed pace. 
I smelled: crisp woody smoke as my fellow suburbanites fired up their fireplaces throughout the neighborhood. 
I tasted: the sweet hot chocolate waiting for me when I got back home. 
I felt: alive. 

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