Sunday, November 03, 2013

Thoughts from a run

Sporting my 2010 NYCM finisher cap in honor of today's race. 

"Ugh, I don't want to do this..." 

"Just go already. 2 miles. To the park and back. Just go then you can do whatever the rest of the day." 

"Fine, but I won't like it." 

"Yes, you will. Shut up and go." 

HR monitor beeps because I am barely moving. 

"Fine, shut up, I'm running." 

"Hey, these shoes are pretty cush. I'm digging this." 

"Hmmm, legs starting to loosen up... I'll just go to the end of the park and then cut down through the streets back to the house. That'll be 3.5 miles... "

"If I keep going here instead of turning toward the house, I'll get 4 miles in today. That's not bad, considering I was barely going to do 2..."

Cruising along, cruising, walking, running, feeling great, enjoying the sunshine and cool temps. 

"Hmmm, thought I'd turn here, but if I go to the end of this block... Let's just see when I get there." 

"Kinda thirsty now. If I keep going to the park, I can get some water, and then cut through the creek." 

"oh, cool, I can go through the park paths, maybe cut across that main street and get a good six or seven miles in..." 

"Hmmm, just how far HAVE I gone???"

Stops to quickly map out mileage so far... Decides to turn away and add another mile. 

"Do I have to go home now?  Really?  No? Cool." 

Keeps going opposite direction and adds another mile. 

"Sheesh, you're slow. And you're walking so much. That half is going to take forever." 

"Yep, but it will get done." 

"The stupid HR monitor is beeping non stop. What's up with that?"

"Blood pressure meds were adjusted. Don't be stupid. It'll take a couple of days to sort it out. Be patient."

"It's like you're ALWAYS starting over. What is that about??" 

"I have no idea. But get this:  Know what's worse than always having to start over?  Deciding not to. Shut up and run." 

9.5 miles done.  Half marathon scheduled on Thanksgiving Day.  Don't call it a comeback. 

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