Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday run done

5.5 miles -- I ran for 2.5 miles outside, until I ran out of sidewalk/bike path. Then I turned around, came back and finished the last .5 sprinting on the treadmill. I should have done 6, but I still have to work some later tonight and I didn't really feel like being up past 10:00. I have a 7:00 am conference call, which means I have to get an earlier than usual start tomorrow, so I need to get to bed fairly early. anyhoo, I felt good that I got it done, and felt better that I did it outside. I was a little leery of icy spots, but it turns out those were all just between the office and hotel, and around the hotel's front doors. Once I got past those, all the sidewalks and paths were dry, dry, dry. So, yeah, I rocked it; finished the 5 outdoor miles in 54:45, which is pretty good considering it's Boulder, and there are hills. Finished the last half mile in less than 5:15, so I think I did OK. Need to run tomorrow AM and then rest on Friday for the big 18-miler through the streets of Ft Worth on Saturday. Whee! Just as long as the wind isn't crazy like it was last week, I think I'll be OK. Peace out!

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