Thursday, January 08, 2009

Have I mentioned i love my Garmin?

Have I? Because really, I do. Today was my first run with it since its resurrection, and I remembered why I used it nearly daily for three years. It tells me how far I went, how fast I went, remembers when I have to stop to strip off a layer (btw, remind me to tell you how much I love my new Cloudveil fleece!) or to drink from Boulder's great no-freeze water fountains. It knows exactly when I've gone a mile and does the math with the whole min/mile pace thing. Quite plainly, it's awesomeness.

OK, I have one quibble with the newly-risen Garmin, though. It appears that the beep alert isn't working. It lights up when the lap counter goes off, but the beep isn't audible. I monkeyed with the settings, but nothing so far. No matter, with all it's awesomeness, I can take this little flaw as a quirk.

ORN for this morning, outside to the Boulder Pearl Street Mall, then back to Arapahoe and the hotel:

Total Time: 1:01:19
Total Dist: 5.5
Avg Pace: 11:08
Best Pace: 8:40
Calories: 721

Ok, enough of the lovefest. It's Thursday, which means I get to go home today! And I scored the upgrade! Wahoo! Have a great Thursday, folks!

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