Monday, January 26, 2009

Run Down Much?

yeah, so I'm feeling it. the travel, the consecutive long runs, the constant weather fluctuations between Boulder and DFW, the weekend schedules of Scouts, hockey and laundry. It's all adding up and beating me down. I'm just feeling wore out (and yes, I know that's crappy grammar, but it fits... look at me, I don't even care about proper sentences anymore...).

I have never been so glad to get an email as I was today when Coach said our 20-miler is NEXT weekend, and this weekend, we're only doing ONE hour of running. Half an hour out and half an hour back. That's all. Suh-Weet!! I so need that cut-back week! I have already run 96 miles this month, which is more than any month last year except December (yeah, HI! December was 102 miles!? get the picture!?).

The other thing about the cutback week is that it fits more in line with what I've done before, with the 20-miler coming three weeks out. I thought it was too early to do it this coming weekend when I first saw it on the schedule. I thought four weeks of taper might possibly make us insane.

So, maybe I can get some rest this week. The other thing that will help is that it's not quite 7:00 pm on Monday, and I'm done with dinner (and dessert!) and about to settle into my snow-bunny pajama pants and Hershey's chocolate thermal shirt with my book and the remote, and plan to be out like a light before Two and a Half Men comes on. I will likely be up at 4:30 to hit the treadmill, but I will be rested by then, no doubt. Peace out, folks -- enjoy the Monday!

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batgrl said...

Here's many many wishes that you do NOT get the virus that's rumbling around our area. Very evil stomache thing, spray all friends and loved ones with lysol or something, because this is to be avoided! Maybe the nice cold Boulder air can kill this thing off? Hmmm, must now go peek at DFW weather and see how badly it's hitting y'all down there!