Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tell me they're NOT pink!

so, I had to get new shoes... part of the reason I ended up cutting a mile + off my run yesterday was the brilliant idea of breaking them in on a long run. I know. It was unavoidable. I just couldn't run another mile, especially not on the trail with all the rocks and gravel and such, in those old shoes. They worked for me, but I was really wanting Coach Jim to set me up with some real shoes, something besides the ones I'd picked up from Sports Authority. But there was just no time to make it to the store. I played with the idea of hitting a running store in Boulder (not like they're not scattered around the city like crazy out there) but didn't have a chance to even do that.

So, come Friday night, i knew I had little choice but to go back to what worked, even if they're not really the best available. So back to Sports Authority it was (after a great cajun chicken salad and mushrooms for dinner, that is). Except that while they had the exact model I've been wearing for the last three months, they were out of it in my size. Apparently, the Amazon women had been through earlier and took all the size 10s. Ugh. So then my next choice was to revert back to some New Balance that I'd had previously; they worked OK and I think I wore them for the AvonWalk, but I know I'd had about three pairs in my closet, so I thought those would work. But, apparently the Amazon women with huge feet like New Balance, too. Grrr. None of the others in stock would work for me, or maybe they would, but I couldn't chance it, not four weeks out from a marathon. I had to stick with what I knew. And what I knew is that the Sauconys were in stock in my size in pink. PINK!

Now, I know many of you are fond of pink (Dawn, I'm looking at you!!) and that's all well and good. But I am about the most anti-pink girl around. In my life I have had about three articles of clothing ever that are pink. It just doesn't work for me. Between my skin complexion and my general anti-frou-frou-ness, I just don't do pink. I prefer yellow in any shade (even mustardy baby poop yellow works for me) and orange (both burnt and bright). So, even though Hub rationalized that these were not really pink, but fuchsia, I had a hard time with this. Ultimately, though, common sense and what I knew would be best for my feet and my body won out. I went with the pink. And they were fine for the most part. I had a hot spot develop on the bottom of my sole on my right foot about mile 7, but when I stopped at 8.5 to check it, it turned out to be just a rock. So, yeah, they work. But don't think I won't be getting a new pair as soon as these hit 250 miles....

Unless I PR in them... in which case I'll be buying nothing but pink shoes for the rest of my life!

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