Saturday, December 22, 2007

oops, we did it again!

so, yeah. About six months ago or so, we brought a new member of our family home. She's awesome and nutso and everything a cat should be. 'cept she was a little lonely. Or maybe we decided having a kitten in the house was so much fun we had to do it all over again. And we really had wanted to get two at the time we adopted Her Royal Highness, Queen-in-Training, Supreme Diva of the House Princess Summer Blossom. But we didn't, because PSB was the right cat at the time, and none others at the shelter seemed right.

But today, we were burning time waiting to see National Treasure II, doing a little last-minute shopping. We needed cat litter and a kitty stocking full of treats for PSB, so we stopped at the pet store. Where they were having adoptions from a local shelter. And they had two little baby kittens. A couple of older cats, too. We walked in and saw the most adorable gray kitten with little white legs and a little white-patched face. Tiny and sweet. Almost in unison, the boys turned and looked at us and said, "We need another cat." Not "Can we have another cat?" or "What would it be like if we had another kitten?" But "We NEED another cat." And Hub and I looked at each other and thought about it, then quickly decided we needed to leave the pet store. Right away. Like, immediate-like. We headed down the strip mall to Marshall's and picked up a few things and pondered the possibility.

On the way back to the car, we stopped at the pet store again. We really did need kitty litter. Turned out we needed a new litter box, a new bowl, new toys and new baby cat food (even smaller than kitten food PSB still eats). Why did we need all this? Because the dang cat was still there. Still cute as a button. Cuter. The other one, her brother, was spoken for, but she was still available and still in NEED of a new home. Kinda like we were in NEED of a new kitten. Sigh. "We'll take her."

Her name is Soxie. As in "Roxie." Pretty sure we'll call her Two-Socks. Or just Socks. The introduction through the door is uneventful so far. It'll be a few days before they meet face-to-face for any amount of time. Photos to follow. Gotta run.


Ellie Hamilton said...

I can't think of much more fun than a new kitty :-)

I'm salivating over meeting you at the Austin Marathon -- FINALLY!! We gotta figure out a meeting place and time.


batty said...

Oh I'm thinking there will be some all night kitten playtimes in your future! You should have some fun photos soon - can't wait!