Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She's ALIVE!

She's baaack! in case you hadn't heard... the original source of all random linkage is back in the, um, groove, as it were. Go by and give her some comment love, then thump her on the head for being gone for so long. Now that she's back, can the Platy be far behind??
(This probably means NOTHING to anyone from my real life or my running/tri group folks -- only the original bloggy friends will fully appreciate the webby wackiness that is the Batgrl)

Not much else going on, except that I'm in the midst of reading Ultramarathon Man and have a renewed sense of motivation. I also have a clear plan for the running that gets me through April, where we will switch focus to triathlon and that swim thang for the summer. Stay tuned for details.

That is all.


Linkmeister said...

Yes, when she turned up in my comments I nearly fainted.

batty said...

I'm in faint mode too - parents due in tomorrow and ooooh I do hate cleaning. Plus I'm having one of those days when all the plumbing decides to go wonky all at once and landlord has taken lunch off til 3:30pm.
Are holidays always like this????

Yes, I'm still so new back to blogging that I have apparently mistaken your comments for my blog entry.
*much eye rolling at self*