Friday, December 28, 2007

'cause I got nothing

to post, you get to see the annual post-Christmas rundown of what Santa and assorted family members gave me for Christmas. Yet again, I asked for and received gifts that will help me get this arse in race-ready condition. Things that make me excited to work out. And, like usual, the folks delivered. In no particular order:

Timex Ironman iControl
Yes, it's orange. Natch. And it is that bright and vivid on my arm. LOVE IT!! Still haven't connected the iPod to it, since that means I can't use the Nike+ foot pod with it at the same time. Not that I can currently find the Nike+ foot pod anyway.... Never mind. The iPod is out of juice and I didn't bring the charger cable with me this trip. No worries -- we'll test drive the iControl part this weekend. When I hit the gym and get this activated:

It's a BodyBugg, and yes, I probably could accomplish the same weight loss without it, if I was a little more conscientious about what I put in my mouth and made sure I got all the workouts in. Probably. But I haven't made much headway without it so far, have I? So I thought it was worth a shot. And that's what Christmas is for, in our house, at least, to splurge on each other on the things that we wouldn't necessarily get for ourselves on a normal day. So once I get this thing activated and running, look forward to hearing more about it and the related results. I'm all about the gadget and feedback and "playing the game" to hit the numbers. So I'm optimistic.

Of course, if I'm going to burn more calories, I need some kickin' gear to do it in, right? Which is where my gift card to NikeTown will come in handy. Time to stock up on the 10/2 collection, methinks.

What else? got a couple of dress skirts for work, a kickin' pair of boots for work (perfect for these freakin' cold NYC mornings) and some sweaters for work. All very cool and very appreciated, but not as fun as the gadgets above.

Of course, the Garmin is still dead and I'd been holding off on getting a new GPS unit until Christmas. Now I'm in the market for one and will have to wait for a good sale (and the next bonus cycle). Maybe I'll be able to hold out for Mother's Day, but probably not since I have a couple of races between now and then. We shall see, we shall see. It's rather ungracious to yelp about what you didn't get under the tree, no? Especially when the haul was generous and awesome. So, um, disregard this last paragraph, m'kay?

It's get-away day today, so I should get to moving so I can head out of here and hit the office. The sooner to hit the road afterward. Peace out, and have a great weekend!

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