Thursday, December 20, 2007

Even after the tequila...

I ran. Told you I had new motivation. I only did 2.5 miles, but still.

See, what happened last night is that our team went out for dinner. In TriBeCa. At some little Spanish tapas bar. With a flamenco dancer (who was amazing, BTW).

And at some point over the night (which wasn't a very long night, either -- I was at the apt asleep before the second episode of SATC was over), my project manager had convinced me to have a tequila shot. And I may have had a few sips of the white sangria. Not too many, because prior to this, the last time I had anything stronger than diet green tea was when we had dinner club and someone (who shall remain nameless but knows dang well who she is... ahem, DENISE!) made peach bellinis which knocked me on my ass after just a few sips and directly caused me to skip my run the next morning. Seriously, honestly, I maybe have had alcohol on about three occasions in the last five years. But every ten years or so, I do enjoy a little bit (a very little bit) of good tequila. Not the cheap border bar tequila we used to drink in college, but good smooth tequila. So it wasn't too tough to convince me to have a shot. And I'd had enough water during dinner that after the initial "I can't feel the bottom half of my face" sensation you get with a tequila shot wore off I was fine. Fine enough to get off my as$ this morning and hit the treadmill in the sad little excuse for a gym in my building. So, go me.

Gotta go -- I'm a bit wiped out tonight. We managed to escape the office at a reasonable hour so I went all tourista with a friend of mine and we hit a few little shops near Times Square for some last-minute NYC Christmas shopping. The best find of the night was easily a Pirates of the Caribbean statue with two little M&M guys being attacked by a squid. This is such a perfect confluence of things for TDP DinoBoy, you cannot even imagine. And it was half-price, so score! Peace out -- got to be rested for the last haul before a nice 4-day weekend.


Denise said...

For the record, I did feel just a teensy bit guilty that we skipped "our" run. But the bellinis were soooo gooood!!! And I made my own syrup...I should get points for that!

Merry Christmas, and bottom's up! :)

Batgrl said...

Wow, I am SO behind in my blog reading - one minute you're at home cleaning and on vacation, next minute you're in NYC jogging?! Cool! And then all questions were totally blown away by the bizarre pop culture moment of that figurine. Of course you can't go wrong with any squid attack...but add that to MnM guys and

And I'm thinking you must have a lot of frequent flyer miles, huh?