Friday, December 14, 2007

*This* is a vacation?

What's been keeping me busy on my week home from the project:
  • finishing nine loads of laundry, not counting the kitchen mats and curtains (see below)
  • completed two 50-minute gym workouts with my trainer -- would have been three, but the girly is graduating from college tomorrow, so she's not in
  • three sessions with a sports massage therapist/chiro for my cranky shin/knee (in Dallas, no less!)
  • podiatrist appointment and follow-up scan for Elder Child's left foot
  • cleaning out the closets in the kids' rooms
  • re-arranging the living room to make room for the tree
  • setting up and decorating the Christmas tree (with some help!)
  • painting the kitchen (just finished today!)
  • creating, ordering and addressing/stuffing the Christmas cards -- waiting for postage and they're outta here
  • completing Christmas shopping for pretty much everyone but Hub
  • making dinner (!) once or twice this week -- without using the microwave!!
  • washing the curtains in the kitchen, bedrooms and den
  • dropping off and picking up the boys from school every day
  • attending 1 scout meeting (2 in about half an hour), 2 hockey practices and a band concert
  • having lunch with three friends from my old job yesterday in Dallas
Sigh. I'm *almost* ready to go back to work now!! Nope, I take that back!

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batty said...

Hullo! Yes, me the flakey one is back. We'll see if this version 1) works with Jon's code and me using it and 2) will be eaten by spammers or not!

And oh maaaaan! vacation + painting a room + holiday cleaning and gifting? Wow, now that is a marathon! Must now go rest after reading that list!