Monday, December 24, 2007

Here She is!

As promised, the new kitten at Casa de Skatemom!

Her little nose is scabbed up because she tried to nose her way out of a crate last week, according to the lady from the shelter. Seven weeks old and itty bitty, especially compared to Princess Summer Blossom.

Speaking of which, we have new photo of the existing royalty, just for good measure and to be sure that there is no animosity between the new and the established:

And, because it is Christmas Eve, you get this, too:

We won't talk about how just minutes before this, on the way into the workshop, Elder Child had told me that he was willing to STAND next to Santa, but was not in any way going to get in his lap. By the end of the conversation (which was pretty lengthy, based on the fidgeting of the next kids in line) he was the one smiling and laughing more than the little one. That one just was serious as a heart attack throughout the whole encounter. In a while I'll scan the photo from the official photographer that was quite excellent, but for now, this gives you a good idea of the day. He's twelve now, and I have a sad suspicion that this may be the last good Santa photo I get of him.

Gotta run -- I'm actually on the clock some today, so I must switch over to the other computer and log some decent hours here in a while. Have a wonderful day and I will be posting later tonight and/or tomorrow.


barbara/purplemoose said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

batgrl said...

I am SO loving the serious + smiling!!!
Merry Christmas!!!