Tuesday, July 11, 2006

so, he probably won't do THAT again

so last night, I'm busily self-promoting myself online, and Hub and the Elder Child are outside sharing a "Field of Dreams" moment, leaving DinoBoy to himself. He was sad that they were using a hardball instead of the usual wiffle ball, so that he was excluded by necessity, seeing as we didn't really feel up to a trip to the ER.

Sidebar: When we were in college, a driver on the bus shuttle route we used to take had a terrible unibrow. Very nice guy -- we talked with him quite a bit, as we were the last ones to get off usually. But the unibrow was there nonetheless. Despite the fact that was more than 15 years ago, we still remember the unibrow guy. As a result, I now am pretty much required to groom Hub's eyebrows occasionally to keep him from imitating said bus driver. This is important. You'll see why momentarily.

So, I'm busy sending emails and otherwise searching the web, and the other two are outside. DinoBoy is pouting silently near the couch and finds the tweezers. He plays with them for a while, then decides it's a good idea to insert them into the power strip near him. Bzzzzzz! Lights flash, and thankfully the surge protector triggers, so there's nothing more to it than a spark (pretty impressive one -- it got my attention) and a bit of heat. That and a very startled little boy. I had to calm him down after verifying that he was OK. But I'm pretty sure he's done sticking things in outlets. The amazing thing about this whole thing is that it took him 5.5 years to do it. I was figuring we'd hit that stage with him when he was 2.

ORN -- yes, even in the new spot, we still get wildly irregular workout posts. 3 miles outside in stifling nasty heat. A bit of a headwind today, which was refreshing, even if it did cut time off my pace. Tonight, another brick for the Elder Child. I have a post about his first attempt later. When I can type without laughing. More to come!

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