Thursday, July 20, 2006

Perfect morning

the weather here is amazing. locals are complaining that it's so hot, but even yesterday it was just wonderful. We had dinner outside on the patio at is was so comfortable, even at 6:30, that I could easily imagine hanging out on a hammock and just dozing for hours. Helped that we had lots of good food and good company.

This morning's weather is currently 71 and partly cloudy, with humidity somewhere around 50%. As I said -- PERFECT. My run was less painful today, and I managed 4 miles total, at a blazing 2 second faster than yesterday. But that was really because of the hill; my breathing was much more regulated today, and I never felt extremely winded like I did yesterday, despite some pretty severe inclines and rolling paths. Can I just say the parks here are amazing? The parks here are amazing. There, I said it. There are three within three miles of my hotel, with rolling green space and trees and paths. No water fountains to speak of (grrr) but otherwise pretty awesome.

And my customer service award of the month has to go to the doorman and the concierge at the hotel. As I pulled up, sweaty and spent, to the doorway, the doorman saw me and held the door open. Before I got there, he had signaled to the concierge and by the time I walked the ten feet to the concierge, he had a bottle of water and a towel ready for me. I didn't have to say a word, and I honestly would never have thought to ask them. Yesterday, I came in a side door and headed to the gym area, where I knew I'd find a water cooler, so I really didn't expect it. But isn't that what sets apart good customer service from great customer service? The unexpected extra touch that goes above and beyond? Yeah.

All in all, except for the fact that I'm missing my boys something serious, it's been a good morning. If we have nearly the mindstorms today that we did yesterday, we will have accomplished a lot. Gotta run and grab something for breakfast better than my banana. Later.

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