Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"I can't breathe"

for anyone who has seen George Lopez' comedy show, imagine him saying that line above, and you'll get an idea of how I felt this morning on my first run at altitude. Sheesh, I pounded out an 11:00 mile and thought I was going to die. We're not even talking about the fact that everything around here near my hotel is either uphill or uphill from me, and my quads are barking louder than a freakin' chihuahua. I'm just talking about the effort to catch my breath. I'm hoping I didn't over-exert with my little 3-miler and don't get any of the altitude symptoms I read about in the hotel brochure AFTER my run. I'm hydrating more than ever, and we shall just see how things go today. It's a slammed day with focus group activity and then a scheduled dinner, so I hope I can hold out. The chances of this week's 8-miler happening are slim, though, unless I can acclimate very quickly.

apparently, there was sadness last night, and the Elder Child had to sleep in DinoBoy's room to calm him down. I'm not sure what the deal is -- Hub travels all the time for business and they barely bat an eye. Just making me feel guilty, I'm sure.

Gotsa run to grab some breakfast before the early start, but I had to share what the wonderful Frontier Airlines flight attendant told a passenger last night before take-off. Apparently, her bag was not pushed all the way under the seat, so the flight attendant asked her to move it. I didn't hear the woman's response, but the attendant had apparently had enough with her day (it was an 8 PM flight) and said, "Well, we ask you to do that so if something happens, you don't trip trying to get out. But if you don't care about you and your kids here being able to escape quickly, then I guess you can leave it like it is." I wasn't sure I'd heard it right -- I couldn't believe she'd actually said it out loud -- I'm sure she THINKS it all the time, but dang. Let's just say I made sure my carry-on item was securely stowed under the seat in front of me after that. Rawr.

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