Friday, July 28, 2006

I hate my body...

no, this is not a 'can't lose weight' or 'gawd, i hate my thighs' post. This is a rant against my body's internal clock, because, hello! today is my day off. And I didn't set the alarm ON PURPOSE. And I *still* woke up at 5:05 AM. And after about two minutes, I was up for good. My body is trained to wake up that early, every freakin' day of the week, whether I have other plans for it or not. sheesh.

So, it's now 6:46 AM and I've put in my treadmill time. I did a nice and easy 5 miles, total time was about 57 minutes, give or take. I was more worried about just getting the miles in rather than setting some speed record. I did 5 miles yesterday, but because I had to get ready for work, I was a little quicker about it. I skipped Tuesday's workout because I was just fried, but I made it up Wednesday, so I've gotten in my 3 weekday runs anyway. I'm scheduled for 3 or 4 tomorrow, and then a nice 12 miler on Sunday. From then on out, the long run mileage escalates until October, so there really is no taking a break any more. So I guess my body knows what's best for me.

Hub comes home tonight, but I have the day free with the boys. Elder Child has Sylvan from noon to 2 PM, but the rest of the day is an open book. I'm sure I'll let you know what we come up with!

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