Saturday, July 29, 2006

More than just a Skatemom

OK, let the record show that for not one, but TWO, days in a row now, Skatemom has done more than just be the Mom at the Rink. In fact, for two days straight, I've gone a step further and actually strapped on SKATES! And I've lived to tell about it. So here's the telling.

First, we decided yesterday afternoon that we needed to do something on my day off to get out of the oppressive heat. And I couldn't handle another minute of bad day-time TV/Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon. So after we picked up Elder Child from Sylvan (at 3:00 pm, not at 2:00 pm, when we first went by to get him, and then had to go back home and find something to do for an hour... goober), we headed to the ice rink at the Parks mall. I knew Elder Child had to shake some rust off his hockey skates, but that DinoBoy would never want to go to the hockey rink because, according to his dog senses, "it smells in there." But the Parks, that's a different story. Never mind that I have flashbacks there because DinoBoy puked on me there once during Elder Child's speed practice. I knew I could probably get him on the ice, if I promised to get on with him. So that how I ended up doing four laboriously slow laps around the rink in about an hour. Yeah. I'm slow. Shocked? Me either. But, I can report that I only fell once, although I did catch myself a second time. And it wasn't dreadful. Those boots, however, dang those are uncomfortable. I give those twirly girl figure skaters big props (more than before) for being able to do all that in those boots.

Then today, at the roller rink, DinoBoy convinced me to get on the floor again. The last time I tried to skate there, DinoBoy was less than a month old and I'd promised Elder Child some Mommy & Me time. Then I promptly fell on my ass and bruised my tailbone not twenty feet from the counter, a good twenty feet from the actual floor. I hung up the skates then, since I really couldn't afford to have another broken arm or tailbone with a newborn. But the last six years of listening to the mechanics of skating must have paid off, since I was able to navigate around fairly successfully (i.e., I DIDN"T FALL!) today. And I have to give the little boys credit here for getting out there and skating so easily. Because, yeah, it's hard to do that.

And yeah, Elder Child? The following is for you:
All those times I yelled at you during practice to just get up, just move your feet, just SKATE! for goodness sakes? Sorry. That's a helluva lot harder than it looks. And you were booking it, too. Granted, you're closer to the ground than I am, but you did fall repeatedly in the beginning, and you never gave up and never stopped. Not only did you never quit, but you made it to freakin' Nationals and I barely made it around the rink once in a half-hour. Dude. You are my rock star. I really hope you know that.

Peace out. Hub is home from NY, so I'd like to get to spend some time with him today. Especially since he brought me Johnny Damon! OK, not really, just a Johnny Damon lineup bracelet. He rocks. More later when I post his photos of Yankee Stadium.

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