Sunday, July 16, 2006

All kinds of sore today....

so yesterday, before we abandoned, erm, I mean, dropped off the kids with their godmother, I took the Elder Child out for yet another brick workout. We got a late start, because I unwisely decided that I didn't NEED to set up the bike rack on the Skatemobile, but could instead just cram the bikes into the hatchback. But I didn't count on them getting all tangled up back there, and just generally being a pain in the arse to get in and out. So by the time I got over to the in-laws to pick him up, it was dangerously close to 7:00. And then I realize that he hadn't eaten yet, so we had to sit around for a bit longer until he finished a slice of toast with butter so he wouldn't completely bonk out there.

So after we get him settled we head out from the in-laws and point the bicycles toward the park where I run, which is about a mile from their house. I figured we'd get out there, do three laps, then head back and dump the bikes on the front porch while we do the run. And all went pretty well according to plan. Except for that big-ass hill that I usually run up, so I never noticed exactly how steep it is. Until we were trying to power up it and praying to all the dieties in the world to not let us roll back down it... and that nobody in a big-ass truck would get impatient with us and run us over.

Sidebar: We did get honked at a few times, to which I have to say, "F@#@ off, you and your big-ass truck -- we take up less room than you and we have every right to be on this road as you do." The more I've been out and about on the bike, the more I notice that Texas drivers are just RUDE to cyclists, and it seems to be in direct proportion to the size of their vehicles. Would it really kill you to wait a few seconds and go around us??

Anyhoo, we did the laps around the park, then headed back. With about a mile to go, Elder Child starts to complain that his stomach hurts. Uh-oh.
Me: What do you mean it hurts?
EC: It hurts, like a sharp pain.
Me: Well, yeah, pain is pretty much a definition of it hurts. But hurt like I need to slow down, or hurt like I'm about to show you my toast again?
EC: Hmm. I think it's all better now.
Me: Grrr. Don't mess with me boy! Don't tell me it hurts unless it does.
EC: But it did! and now it doesn't.
Me: So you're OK?
EC: Yeah. I guess it wasn't really my stomach. It's more of my bottom, where the bike seat is.
Me: So what should we do?
EC: I'm good.

??? goober. By that time, we hit the last downhill before the in-laws' and then dumped the bikes. But it became apparent by about four houses down that the run was not to be. It was way too hot, and his breathing was off again. But since he'd done a great job on the run and we'd laid out a plan for our next workouts, I cut him some slack and we finished after a short trip around the block.

So today, I decided to sleep in because I was all kinds of tired last night. And even though the schedule called for 12 miles today, I decided to screw the schedule and sleep in. Hub popped out of bed a bit before 7 to hit the treadmill and watch the Formula 1 race, but I slept in until nearly 8. At which time I figured that it was going to be too hot to run outside, but that it might be OK to go on a bike ride. So I headed out and ended up doing 12 miles on the bike. I averaged about 5-minute miles, which I'm sure is dreadfully slow to some folks, but I'm just pleased that I didn't die out there and that I finished fairly strong.

And then when I came in, Hub was done with the TM, so I hopped on for 3 miles. I ended up walking the first one, then cranking up the speed until I ended up running at the end. Still slow overall, but at least I didn't quit after 5 minutes like I really wanted to. So I call that a success, and I also call it 1:40 minutes of constant movement. But now, after church, a nice healthy lunch (except for that honey-butter-slathered blueberry bread) at Souper Salad and a trip to Costs-Too-Much, I am all kinds of sore. Just wiped out tired. Even another nap didn't help much. Eh. No worries. I have about two loads of laundry to finish and then I'm done for the day. Except for fetching those kids of mine. But they'll be fed and happy after spending the weekend away, so we'll have time to just hang until bed time.

So even if I am still all kinds of wiped out, I still had all kinds of fun.

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