Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday 13: Thanksgiving Edition

Yes, it's a little late, but it'still technically Thanksgiving, so I haven't missed the boat entirely!  Without further ado, Thirteen Things for which I am grateful this year, in no particular order:

  1. My health. Yes, I know, the last two weeks haven't exactly been stellar in this regard,with the knee thing and then this whole removal of optional organs and such, but, on balance, I am a healthy person, and for that, I am eternally grateful. My heredity certainly does not wire me to be so - I should be severely obese, hypertensive, diabetic and otherwise unhealthy, so that I am fit enough to complete four marathons this year is a pretty cool thing. 
  2. A job with a good paycheck and benefits. The other thing that was brought to mind this week is that when the doctors said "You need this operation," I was able to schedule it without hesitation as to how it would be paid for. And when I realized I had to go to the ER last week, I was able to do that without hesitation because I have decent health coverage. I know not everyone is as fortunate. 
  3. My husband. I have been through a lot this year, and he has been with me along every step of the way. He was supportive and encouraging at every turn, and even when I did some stupid things that could have been taken otherwise, he never doubted or questioned me or my love for him. Never. I am truly lucky to have such an awesome partner in my life. 
  4. My oldest son. He is exactly like me in nearly every way. Which means we butt heads more often than not. But we also understand each other, as much as a mother can ever understand her 15 year-old son. We "get" each other like nobody else in our family gets us. And he loves his momma and still gives me hugs and sits next to me on the couch to watch TV with me. 
  5. My youngest son. He is nothing like me. Nothing at all. He is artistic and musical and sensitive and caring. He brings me happiness and light with his scary smart wit and sense of humor, every day of our lives.  He loves his momma. And he is my biggest cheerleader. 
  6. My friends. Here is where I want to say "my running friends," but I also hesitate to do that, because the friends I have met through running have become more than just running partners. I have found some amazing people that have truly shaped my life and influenced me and motivated me and inspired me in ways that I could not have imagined. I am a better person because of them. I am so lucky to have added such wonderful people to my already overflowing list of friends. 
  7. My traveling buddies. I had an amazing experience in New York for the marathon this year, in large part because of the special women that shared the trip with me. It was a lifetime event, and I am so blessed to have had them along for the ride. We will do it again!! 
  8. My home. It is a warm, safe, and a loving environment for my family and for my friends. It is always open to anyone, any time of day, as long as they don't mind a little cat hair on them. 
  9. The EBV. My car isn't much to look at, with its missing side panel and slew of bumper stickers on it (I always swore I'd never be THAT person, but lookie there, I am THAT person now!), but what I love most about my car is that despite the water bottles on the floorboard, clif bar wrappers stuck in the crannies and the random hockey stick, golf clubs and/or speedskates in the back, it gets me all over FW-D so that I can meet up and run with all of my running friends. "Have shoes, will travel" is my motto and I love that my little car will get me to whatever trail, path, street corner or bakery in Waco I need to be at to Run It Out with my friends!
  10. Twitter. Yes, Twitter. and Daily Mile and Facebook.  Call them social media, call them an online community. Whatever. All of my friends and my support network in my computer keep me going when I don't feel like going out to run, and keep me sane when I want to run and can't. I don't think anyone who isn't involved in these networks can ever know how important they can become to us who have formed true relationships through them. 
  11. Sunny days. Need I say more? Nothing quite like running outside on a sunshine day, with mottled light coming through the trees. Nothing in the world. 
  12. Muddy trails. Makes it a little less painful when I inevitably trip and fall!! 
  13. The future. With this year behind me as far as racing and running goes while I rehab this broken body of mine, I am looking forward to what comes next. I have learned I can make all the plans I want and it may not mean anything, so I am excited to see what the future holds for me.  
I am most grateful for these guys.


The Trail Jogger said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for. You are blesses!

Especially love the muddy trails!

Lesley @ said...

Beautiful family, Corina!

sugar magnolia said...

Nice! It's always good to know what you're thankful for.

kayan Association said...

Thanks ..your topic beautiful ..... Good luck