Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday Pre-Marathon Ramblings

A glimpse into the brain of a 9-time marathon preparing for NYC:

  • My body is ready. The mind? Not so much. The freak-outs have commenced. Luckily, I have awesome friends who email me, text me and call me daily to tell me that I Got This.  Thank you. It means more than you will ever know. 
  • I may or may not have had a dream this weekend, a very vivid dream, in which the numbers 4:52 were featured prominently... 
  • I am staring at a bunch of beautiful yellow roses in full bloom. My husband is a rock star. Not only because he brings me flowers for no reason, but that's part of it. The sad thing about it is that the cats are now exiled from my office lest they eat the roses. They may be attempting to tunnel under the door as we speak...
  • I think I am in love with Ben Davis. Go watch his original video, then listen to his adorable drawl during his interview on Fox Business, and then, seriously, look at this pic.  Tell me you're not in love with him, too!! The pointing! I love the pointing!! 
  • The suitcase is open on the floor in the bedroom. Things will start being tossed into it as I think about them, to be organized & finalized on Thursday. First thing in - the moisture-wicking underwear. Yes, those are important. 
  • Have I talked about how awesome my husband is? Because he is. For lots of reasons. Mostly because I barely saw him yesterday between my Halloween 5K, skate practice, my nap/his yardwork, and hockey and trick-or-treating. But he still made time at the end of the day to make ME feel special. We've had times in the past where that didn't always happen. That makes it so much nicer when it does. And for the record, I did what I could to reciprocate! ;)
  • I am very lucky to have some really good girlfriends come along on my marathon trip with me. I'm excited to see them  at the finish line. A friendly face at the end of that trek is always welcome. 
  • I used the words "crushed" and "devastated" yesterday when talking about how I would feel if I didn't break 5:00 this week. I think I would be somewhere in between those two emotions. I'm not going to give it much more thought, though. I know it won't be the end of the world if it doesn't happen - I've had a LOT of perspective-shifting things go on in my life in the last six months - but I also know I am more trained and fit and poised to do it now than I have ever been going into the last nine starts. 

That's all I can process right now. There's more bouncing around in there, but I can't put words to it yet. Maybe later this week. Maybe not.

Six Days.

EDITED TO ADD:  When did it become FREAKIN' NOVEMBER?!!!


Lesley @ said...

It's the New York Marathon... enjoy the sites, soak it in, and if you hit 5 hours, then bonus! Good luck.

Dagmar Mueller said...

let me see.... did a certain person tell me its about finishing not the time??????? :-)
I will be thinking of you when I start and run my first Half-Marathon and when you get back I have to talk with you about my goals for next year...... :-)

And yes!!! Yes, you can!!!! Holding my thumbs doing a little dance for you! You are an inspiration no matter how fast you finish!!!!

TxTriSkatemom said...

The finish time doesn't matter for your first race at each distance, that is true. But, this is my 10th marathon. I am past the point of knowing that I can finish, and it is about meeting the time goal for me this go-round. I am going to enjoy the spectacle but I haven't worked my ass off for five months just to finish. It's the truth, and I can't pretend it's not, and I can't pretend I won't care if I don't finish with a number that starts with 4...

Erica Rodriguez Maier said...

You're gonna do it, Corina. You're gonna do it. And I can't wait to have a celebratory Collin Street, run, with you ;) ;)

hokgardner said...

You're ahead of me on the suitcase. My husband still needs to empty it from his trip last week before I can start putting things in it.