Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Thirteen, the Gall Bladder Edition

Wheee!  Are we having fun yet? No? Oh, just wait!!

  1. I have to have my gall bladder taken out. Right away. Like, the doctor wanted to do it tomorrow. I begged off until Tuesday. Mostly because I have to bake for Thanksgiving and ain't no way that's happening if I go under the knife tomorrow. So, priorities, people!!! 
  2. We figured out I have gall stones after I spent two excruciating hours at the local doc-in-a-box, followed by two more excruciating hours at the ER, followed by two kinda-nice-wow-these-are-cool-drugs hours there. This was after a few hours at home in severe agony fighting chills and profuse sweating, nausea and almost-vomiting.* Apparently, gall bladder issues are fairly common among Hispanic women in their 40s. Taking estrogen, BC pills and other girl-hormones exacerbates them, sometimes. Yeah, that's me... (raising my hand sheepishly). 
  3. My ER doc is a marathoner. Fast enough to qualify for Boston. Ran Chicago on 10/10. Shook his head, albeit understandingly, when I asked if I could wait until after White Rock to do the surgery. Damn. 
  4. So, no White Rock for me this year. Which means no Maniacs for me this year. F.M.L.  Crap. I have cried many tears over this. Many. But I have awesome friends who remind me that even if I don't qualify for Maniacs this year, that doesn't make me any less crazy... gee, thanks, guys!! 
  5. These same friends have assured me that if need be, they will break up my next marathon into chunks and relay it with me to get me to my sub 5:00 goal. THAT is awesomeness, I have to say. Which is why I love my friends. Not my "running friends." No, these are my friends. True friends. 
  6. To get Maniacs, I would have needed 3 full marathons in 90 days. The plan had been Tyler, NYCM and White Rock. My next marathon (ultra) is Bandera 50K. On January 8. 91 days after Tyler. SERIOUSLY?! 
  7. I will still be at White Rock. I will be cheering. Quite possibly, I will be wearing a tutu. And holding glitter signs. And taking pictures and otherwise being obnoxious. If you are running White Rock, please tell me so I can watch for you and cheer for you. LOUDLY! 
  8. The knee feels better. I went to Active Spine & Sport in Fort Worth, based on several recommendations, and I have to say, YES! They were great. He hurt me and made me cry, but it was in a John-Cougar-Hurts-So-Good kind of way. And I ran hills this morning, and the knee held up. We will continue working with him after I get the gall bladder removed and can resume running again. We kind of need to do a trial-and-error thing on the knee to make sure we're fixing the right thing, so I need to be able to test it and give the doc feedback, so we are postponing heavy PT on it for now. 
  9. I have only run 46 miles in November. 26 of those were in the marathon. I am really glad I have already hit my mileage goal for the year.. November will be my lowest mileage month all year. Bah. 
  10. This will be the first year since I started running that I will not be doing the FW Turkey Trot. That sucks. I was all set to PR on that course, too. Not that I will be eating any cheesecake that day anyway. 
  11. I very much am waiting for this movie to come out on DVD. The power of the unicorn, baby. 
  12. Until this gall bladder is removed, I cannot eat anything greasy, fatty or otherwise having taste and flavor. Which explains my craving for a big bowl of fried rice chased by a chocolate milkshake. Gah. 
  13. I am currently listening to this song in SEVERELY heavy rotation.  It's much deeper and very sad if you stop and  listen to it, but the title just kind of spoke to me this week. Yeah, I'm feeling kinda broken right now. 

*I don't vomit. I just don't. I can remember doing it only once in my life, and that was after drinking orange juice on an empty stomach while pregnant with my first son. I hate the sound, smell and idea of vomit and I will do nearly anything to avoid it. I knew something was very wrong with me when I would have preferred to vomit and have it done with than to hurt like I did on Tuesday. 


Lesley @ said...

Holy smokes girl... I'm so sorry. Glad you have an understanding doctor!

I am SURE you will be just as much of a maniac and you can make it official next year!

I know this has been emotional for you, but when you get it done - Maniacs and sub-5 - it will be THAT much sweeter... because the journey has been such a set of trials that you have continued to overcome.

Cheer for me at WR!!! My first marathon!!!

Dagmar Mueller said...

Gosh, what can I say..... It simply sucks. I was so rooting for you but I think the priorities are clear...... big hugs and you will do it eventually. Praying all will go well and you will be back even stronger!