Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

It's Thursday again!! Yeah! Wow, that week went by quickly!!  Here we go!

  1. Where did November go?  Oh, yeah, I had this big deal marathon that took up the first week, then I hurt my knee and couldn't run for another week, then my insides exploded on me and then I got cut up before Thanksgiving. And, how about that, it's December now. Wheee!  
  2. Because of the whole "insides exploding on me" deal, i am not running White Rock, but I will be there to cheer. We have secret ninja cheering moves that we are working on so that we can see as many of our friends as possible on both the half and full course. It will be crazy and there will be Starbucks involved for that yummy delicious salted caramel hot chocolate to keep us fueled for such a grueling adventure. But I hope to take TONS of photos. So looks for me on the course. I'll be wearing an orange tutu - kind of hard to miss!! 
  3. My return to racing will be tomorrow night in Keller at the Santa Scurry. Hubby is out of town so Dreadpirate DinoBoy & I will be doing a 5k, at his pace, using 3/1 intervals. He's really doing it for the shirt and the Santa schtuff and Christmas fun they'll have afterward. I have been provided with special socks for the occasion. It will be a fun night - it's been a while since my bubba has run with me, so I hope he feels good about it at the end. 
  4. I really was sad to miss the Turkey Trot this year. I heard they had tech shirts this time. and they redesigned the course. Wahhhh! 
  5. I spent time over the long Thanksgiving holiday walking. A lot. On the trails up at River Legacy Park. I may be in love with River Legacy Park, especially now that I no longer get lost and go out of the actual park grounds anymore!! It's a nice smooth trail with some roots and rocks but nothing too challenging. There are some fun up & downs on the south side that I had fun on, and there are two or three loops that I have yet to explore so, YAY! 
  6. We have finalized our hotel reservations and road trip plans for Bandera. It's going to be EPIC!! Seriously. Julie is doing the 25K - I met her in Tyler and can't wait to spend more time with her!! My super bad-ass Grand Teton / 3X Ironman finisher girl I want to be when I grow up Sarah is doing the 50K with me (YAY, Sarah, I LOVE YOU, thank you for taking care of me on those big ugly rocks!!), and Super Bad-Ass Jeremy is doing the 100K.  Because that's how he rolls. It's going to be a party, I tell you. Plus Fawn & a lot of other super-cool-oh-my-gawd-I-don't-fit-in-here-when-will-they-wise-up-&-ask-me-to-leave people are going to be there. I CAN'T WAIT!! 
  7. Of course, I have been restricted to not running on trails for another two weeks. I can run on flats or walk on trails, but I cannot run on trails, lest I fall and the internal guts 'splode again. That's what the doctor said today. So I will have to spend some time on the treadmill meanwhile doing incline walking and double it up with running on flats to get these legs ready for Bandera and the hills there. 
  8. The knee is way better after the miracle doc at Active Spine & Sport did his magic. I will need to get a few more treatments before Bandera to make sure the meniscus is all jammed in the right way, but if I'm walking on trails or running on flats for the next two weeks, it shouldn't give me any trouble. So I'm really, really, really happy about that. 
  9. No, I'm really, really, really happy about the knee. Like, WHEEE! happy! 
  10. You know what happens when you spend the month of November running around and then get hurt and then have surgery and then spend a week "recovering?"  Your house kind of becomes a pit. And the members of your family (who are apparently incapable of folding clothes or taking them out of the dryer) start to get dressed in the laundry room. And you choose to buy a new package of socks for the teenager instead of digging through the piles to find matching pairs. At least that's what happens around here. Your mileage may vary. You might give a crap about things like laundry and sweeping, too, though... 
  11. Thank goodness the cleaning people are coming next week. I pay them to give a crap about laundry and sweeping and vacuuming and all that schtuff so I don't have to. It's the best money I spend every three weeks! 
  12. I hope after they come that I get motivated to decorate for Christmas. Hasn't been the same since my mother-in-law passed away last summer - she used to decorate the house to an inch of its life and then send all kinds of stuff home with the boys for my house. I have a great collection of ornaments we collect when we travel and give tot the boys each year and a cool Advent quilt (which I am apparently late to put out again.. phoo) but not much beyond that. Oh, yeah, we have a Longhorn Santa in an orange suit. Tell me you're surprised.  Really? 
  13. Is this the best EPIC face you've ever seen?  The EPIC face is something that my 10 year old introduced me to, and as hilarious as this little thing is, seeing him do the EPIC face is brilliant. but he won't let me take a pic because he knows it will end up on the internet!! Smart boy, that one!! 

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See you Sunday... I'm wearing lime CEPs, lime running skirt and a black shirt.