Saturday, November 20, 2010


I haven't bought my NYCM pics yet, since the expendable cash we had laying around off the money tree in the back is being used for this little medical procedure of mine, but I did want to share a couple of the pics from Brightroom from the race. They had photographers at a ridiculous number of spots along the course, and I am impressed that they were able to get as many clear individual shots of me as they did, considering the crowds along the route the whole way. Granted, by the time I made it into Central Park, the runners had thinned considerably, but it's still a monumental task.

I am going to be getting the plaque with the replica bib and a second medal in it, but I am having a hard time deciding which picture to use. I'm not sure if I should use one from early in the race, when my knees weren't bandaged up like a mummy and I looked like I was still having fun, or one from later on when I was clearly laboring to get to the finish. A couple of these pretty clearly show the amount of pain I was in, and while I'm kinda-sorta horrified by how miserable I look, at the same time, they do show the whole this-marathon-thing-ain't-easy. So, I'm still deciding, and I will have a little more time to mull it over since I have to save the pennies again until I can order them!

I think I like this one best. Smiling and kinda running...

Clearly walking but still smiling

yeah, I'm kinda hurting here.. 

Not sure what was going on here!!

I was running in this one... almost

Smile or grimace? You be the judge!

Lurch, lurch, lurch. Forward motion, baby... 

Running through the finish.

Happy & smiling at mile 13! WOOT! 

I don't even remember taking this picture... 

Thought bubble: "Well, this kinda sucks... "


Lesley @ said...

I like the first one (because the lighting is also consistent... some of the others have heavy shadow)... I also like the running across the finish and the mile 13 one. The one across the finish is particularly cool cause you can make out the word finish across the left side of the photo.

Erica Rodriguez Maier said...

I can't believe I haven't responded to this yet ... I vote from the mile 13 one, because that's 100% you. Horns and all.

And I know it's not funny, but your caption on the final photo made me LOL.

We'll get strong again and we'll kill more courses very soon!!