Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Packing & prep

So, we're getting close now... and I'm REALLY glad I took tomorrow off! Besides having lunch with one of my bestest buddies tomorrow (Hi, Mel!!), I have a lot to do... like pack... and get everything lined up for the weekend. Because while I've been planning on this and preparing for the race for MONTHS now, I haven't really done a good job yet of planning preparing for the trip that comes with it!  I used to travel for work and was a master at packing a week's worth of work clothes, running clothes and lounging around at hotel/dinner out clothes into one small roll-aboard. But, that was a long time ago it seems, and I have to remind myself how to be Road Warrior chick. But, really, I'm less concerned about what that part and more worried about having everything I need for race morning/day at hand. So, here is my prep list, prompted by Erica's planning and Heather's list

1.             Pack race-morning bag (throw-away bag)
    1. Clif bar (breakfast) – bring from home
    2. Orange (breakfast) – grocery store or hotel concierge lounge
    3. PB/honey (one hour pre-race) – hotel concierge lounge
    4. Banana (one hour pre-race) – grocery store or hotel concierge lounge
    5. Bottled water – grocery store in NY
    6. Baby wipes – bring from home
    7. Hand sanitizer – bring from home
2.             Pack post-race bag for friends to take to finish line (backpack)
    1. Sweatshirt/fleece
    2. Gatorade
    3. Crocs
    4. Dry socks
    5. Protein powder
    6. Clif bar
    7. Baby wipes
    8. Brush & Hair clip/ties
3.             Pick out, wash & pack race-day clothes (lay out night before)
    1. Long yellow tank bra
    2. Yellow LS tech shirt with bib
    3. Texas flag skirt - it arrived!! YAY!
    4. Moisture-wicking underwear
    5. MCM socks & black starter socks - race-day decision which ones to use
    6. Shoes - washed & drying in garage right now
    7. Visor
    8. Gloves (cheap, if they get lost no biggie)
    9. Throw-away sweatshirt
    10. Throw-away blanket
the Skirt! It arrived!! 

4.             Pack fuel belt
    1. Camera - small Kodak, fits in extra bottle pocket
    2. iPod (to calm pre-race jitters, not using during race)
    3. Clif bloks ( 2 packs - margarita & Cran-Raz)
    4. Clif bar (1 bar)
    5. Ibuprofen
    6. Biofreeze pack
    7. Bodyglide sample
    8. Chapstick
    9. 20 oz half-water, half-Gatorade, salt 
I'll run around tomorrow morning getting everything on the list, as well as going to the mall and having a shirt made for the expo.  I'll be there at 9:00 AM Saturday morning and if all goes well, will be wearing a shirt that says this on the back, so I'll be easy to spot! 

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Erica Rodriguez Maier said...

How cool is THAT?! I love it!

I think your visor might cover it, but do sunglasses need to be on the list? I'll have mine on my head JIC ...

Lesley @ said...

Not to be too personal, but you brought it up... what brand of undies for the moisture-wicking? I think I need to invest in some. Where do you get them?

Bryan S said...

Woo hoo! Great list, thanks for the reminders on some of that stuff. I won't be wearing a bra or skirt though ;-)